I started getting into video editing as a hobby at 15, started shooting video coverage for events in the northeast at 18, and at 19 got into action photography. Just before my 21st birthday I enrolled in a film school in Florida, hell bent on getting good enough at my work to make a real living out of it. Before I graduated, I had done commercial photography and photojournalism for WWE, New York Daily News, and a Florida Hospital among other clients. 

I spent the next year living and working out of Georgia, getting my start in film and television as a still photographer, camera operator and producer. In that time I had the pleasure of cutting my teeth on sets for Paramount, NBC, Travel Channel, HGTV, and more. 

August 2016 I returned to central Florida, where I currently work and reside. I am fortunate enough to keep a steady schedule, however I am open to select freelance ventures and career opportunities. Please e-mail me with any questions.







Based in Winter Park, FL


(978) 877 1602